Garden Drainage Problems

Eric Barker Landscapes, the Garden drainage experts  have been resolving drainage for garden problems for decades.

Your probably fed up of having a soggy garden and you may want to have your  waterlogged garden sorted out so that it becomes useable,

You will also want to spend your money wisely so that once the remedial work is done you'll be sure that the waterlogging problems have completely gone.

As garden drainage experts we  pride ourselves that we have never been called back to any drainage job, because our garden drainage solutions always work.  We also fully Guarantee our work and as we'd have to call back free of charge to you and therefore at our own expense, we always make sure that we do it right first time even if it means extra work or expense for us.


There are many people out there that might be willing to have you engage them to try to resolve your garden waterlogging problems, Be aware though if they haven't got the experience, skills and equipment they might be trying to learn at your expense and you could be wasting your hard earned money.

You don't have to settle for a soggy garden for most of the year, so if you sometimes suffer from a flooded garden at various times of the year, Eric Barker Landscapes can fix it.

With British weather being what it is your garden may tend to be more often wetter rather than dry, so if it doesn't have good garden drainage it will be wet and saturated for most of the year spoiling your enjoyment of it.


For those that want one of the best in the business for drainage for gardens call us at Eric Barker Landscapes today. The Land Drainage Experts for all Commercial and Garden Drainage problems. If your land or property is waterlogged we have the solutions for wet and soggy gardens and land.


Eric Barker digging a garden drainage trench before laying pipework etc.

Eric Barker Landscapes are garden drainage experts:

So for garden drainage experts in Solihull or

Garden Drainage experts in Warwick or Garden Drainage  experts in Rugby or Garden Drainage experts in Coventry or the West midlands,

you only have to look in one place.

At Drainage for Gardens by Eric Barker Landscapes.

We are the local wet garden specialists!

How to cure a waterlogged garden? call Eric Barker Landscapes

Latest Projects

Drainage & Lawn  Solutions

Eric Barker Landscapes have helped hundreds of garden owners that were suffering from boggy lawns and waterlogged gardens, often these lawns were un-usable for quite a bit of the year prior to our intervention.

The most common thing our customers say to us is "I can't believe the difference I wish I'd done it sooner."

Eric has considerable experience as a garden drainage expert in creating bespoke gardens and has for many years used his expertise to create beautiful lawns and gardens.

He has also become an expert in designing and laying Artificial Lawns he has even had people say "they cannot believe its an artificial lawn because it looks so real".

whether you want a new natural lawn using turf or one of our carefully prepared and seeded lawns or one of our hardwearing and expertly laid artificial lawns call Eric Barker Landscapes to find out more or get an estimate.

Eric is one of the top men in his field and his regular videos on you-tube often receives praise from other gardening experts not only in the uk but also worldwide.


The picture left shows Eric starting to re-enstate the turf after a garden drainage project. Once finished the lawn will look as good as new within a few weeks only the clients are now able to use and enjoy it all year round.

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