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Eric Barker has for many years ran the successful landscaping company of Eric Barker Landscapes, his experience with diggers and heavy machinery dates back over 40 years.  He has worked in many far flung corners of the earth from the Falklands to Saudi Arabia when he was commissioned by some of the leading construction giants to undertake work on prestigious large contracts.


Eric Barker Landscapes has for many years now devoted his work to working in the uk on domestic and commercial landscaping projects and has developed a talent for all types of Garden drainage solutions and Large Land Drainage Systems, sometimes were others have tried and failed.

Eric likes to be able to resolve problems that others cannot find solutions to; as an experienced landscaper he can tackle large and small jobs from working on large council parks & school playing fields to accessing domestic gardens with a small side gate nothing fazes him. If you have a piece of land that could be developed if it wasn't waterlogged or a garden that's always soggy and wet call Eric Barker one of the leading Garden Drainage Expert.    


A demonstration of Eric's Knowledge, Talent, and Experience can be seen via some of his well viewed you tube videos and these have been seen by nearly 3 Million Viewers many of whom contact him to say how interesting and informative they are.  Once anyone sees the quality of the work he achieves they know he's the real deal as a true craftsman and part of an elite band of skilled workers. 


For a number of years within the construction industry a digger / machine driver that had exceptional skill was often said to be able to take the top off a boiled egg without destroying it.  And while this is maybe an urban myth for many in the construction industry it gives a good example of describing the quality of skill that people like Eric posses.


This was extremely important when The BBC Time Team were undertaking an archaeological dig at the highly venerated & respected Coventry Cathedral a place that has gained interest and followers from all over the globe.  When the Time Team needed an expert to assist in the highly sensitive dig they contacted Eric to work with them and the rest as they say "is History".


Some of the people that watch his videos email and write to say that after watching the first one, they have settled down for the evening with a nice drink and made an evening of it watching some of the clips from You Tube.  It is planned that in the next couple of months some of the full length videos will be available for purchase at a modest sum for those that gain inspiration and new ideas from watching the full version of the precis'-ed clips. We have to keep the clips short to be suitable for You-Tube.com. (You can find us on you tube just click on the logo below)


Details will be available soon about the full length videos showing how problems are overcome and with much more detail. You can ensure you are kept up to date or you can express an interest without any commitment via our contact page so we can keep you updated before any launch.

How to cure a waterlogged or wet garden or land call Eric Barker Landscapes in Coventry.



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About Us

Drainage for gardens, solutions supplied by Eric Barker Landscapes, with over 40 years experience of Garden Drainage, We are the garden drainage experts for Domestic & Commercial Land Drainage systems and landscaping, Creating Beautiful Gardens, pools and deck extensions. Earth Moving Contracts undertaken.

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