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Can really boggy lawns or wet gardens be cured so that it is usable for most of the year?


More often than not! 

However not all clients may want to undertake the major works that could be required for the few of the very serious flooding situations.


For most customers the answer is a very positive YES ! 




Is garden drainage very expensive ?
Most of my clients don't think so given the work involved and from the very positive feedback results from our clients; It has to be remembered that some gardens may range from being measured with a few paces to a few acres it really does depend on the job at hand.



How long would it take before I see the full results and benefits of the improved  drainage for any gardens drainage solutions?


Normally as soon as the garden drainage work is completed but you may not recognise the difference until the wet season is upon us or after a heavy downpour.  The lawn may take a few weeks to settle in, very similar to when you have a new lawn laid after a while you dont notice any decernable difference.

My garden doesn't have easy access can work still be done?
You may be suprised how our equipment and machinery can get through some of narrowest entry ways and doorways. And when all else fails we have to revert back to good old hand tools. ( And back breaking slog)



What causes waterlogging in gardens?

This can be from a variety of reasons or a combination such as a high water table, adverse soil conditions, poor drainage or one of many of factors may have an influence. One example of a drainage for gardens solution is on our contact page. 


How to cure wet or waterlogged land or gardens? simply call Eric Barker Landscapes, the experts in wet garden solutions for all drainage for soggy gardens problems call Eric.