Good Garden Drainage is very important for a healthy garden

A Garden that is often waterlogged may make its normal enjoyment and the use of the garden very Limited and therefore restricted only to the dry spells we get in the UK.

Some areas are far more prone to the gardens flooding or being waterlogged and boggy, This may be down to a few different factors depending on the individual gardens.  One example of an area that can suffer from poor garden drainage is Solihull where you can find waterlogged gardens often because of the prevailing soil conditions of the Solihull area where it is not uncommon to find heavy clay subsoil once you dig down a little.

As this tends to stop the excessive rainfall we can get in Britain from naturally draining away it soon leaves the top of the garden sodden and often unusable.

Eric Barker Landscapes has gained the experience, skill and knowledge to resolve most problems with his down to earth well tried methods which have been proven to work. How to cure a waterlogged Garden ? call Eric Barker Landscapes !

Eric Barker normally videos his work from start to finish and it can therefore be clearly seen the professional work he achieves,. All of his jobs have a full satisfaction rating from his clients who are often amazed at the difference.  He has undertaken jobs where other contractors have stated they could resolve difficult waterlogged gardens but they clearly didn't have the experience and this meant the customers were paying for them to learn at their expense but without the results.

Eric never has this problem as he can find ways to adapt and overcome difficult garden problems, evidence of this can be seen from his extensive references and recommendations.

If your Land or garden sufferers from poor drainage and you would like it fixed call Eric Barker Landscapes to discuss your requirements.  Eric can undertake typically small garden jobs or larger jobs and has previously undertaken large drainage jobs for councils to improve drainage and landscaping on playing fields etc.  Whether your property is in Solihull, Rugby, Stratford on Avon, Coventry or the surrounding Warwickshire area your garden drainage problems can be resolved with Eric Barker through his Drainage for Gardens. Call Eric today or use the contact page on this site and if you include a number he can always call you back if he's busy..



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Drainage for gardens, solutions supplied by Eric Barker Landscapes, with over 40 years experience of Garden Drainage, We are the garden drainage experts for Domestic & Commercial Land Drainage systems and landscaping, Creating Beautiful Gardens, pools and deck extensions. Earth Moving Contracts undertaken.

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